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Dr. Joshua Rivet began his career in general surgery before discovering his love of plastic surgery. He was fascinated by the ability to create meaningful change through detailed reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. With each patient, he strives to help them become the best version of themselves, addressing their aesthetic concerns and goals.

Following his passion for medicine, Dr. Rivet earned his Doctor of Medicine from Louisiana State University Medical Center in 2012. He went on to complete his general surgery residency at Virginia Tech Carilion Clinic School of Medicine. As his interest in plastic surgery grew, he pursued a three-year subspecialty training program at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Chattanooga for plastic and reconstructive surgery. During this time, he was fortunate to train at a prestigious private plastic surgery practice and refine his skills in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Once Dr. Rivet successfully completed the plastic and reconstructive surgery program in 2020, he pursued a short reconstructive trauma fellowship at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in Chattanooga as well. This enabled him to refine his skills in reconstructing the severely injured trauma patient, providing both functional and aesthetic results.

Dr. Rivet has focused his professional career as a plastic surgeon on aesthetic procedures of the breast and body. He especially enjoys working with patients who have undergone massive weight loss and helping them complete their weight loss journey by achieving an external appearance that matches the way they feel inside. He builds a positive rapport with his patients, ensuring that he understands what they like about their bodies and what they would like to change. Dr. Rivet pays meticulous attention to detail in order to produce quality, natural-looking results in a safe and effective manner.

In his free time, Dr. Rivet enjoys spending time with his wife, their two children, and their golden retriever. He can also be found outside fishing, longboarding, exercising, and grilling.