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Gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction surgery, is a procedure to reduce excess breast tissue in men, eliminate sagging, and firm and contour the chest. The procedure’s long-lasting results can increase your comfort and self-confidence. But how do you know if you are a candidate for male breast reduction?

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for You?

Male breast reduction surgery may be right for you if your chest’s appearance makes you feel embarrassed or self-conscious or causes you to avoid activities that bare your chest or make it more noticeable. Generally, non-smokers, non-drug users, and physically healthy men are candidates for the surgery. However, during a consultation, a plastic surgeon will listen to your concerns, review your health history, conduct an exam, and consider other factors that qualify you, including:

  • You have excess glandular tissue.
  • Alternative medical treatments cannot correct your breast size.
  • You do not have medical conditions that can impair healing.
  • Your expectations are realistic, and you have a positive outlook.
  • You are old enough for breast growth and development to be complete.
  • Your breast size is not related to hormonal imbalance.
  • Your skin is firm and elastic and will adapt to breast reduction.
  • You feel self-conscious about your chest.

What Is a Male Breast Reduction Procedure?

A male breast reduction procedure is usually an outpatient surgery. Your doctor may use liposuction, an excision technique, or both to reduce the excess breast tissue. They will also discuss your sedation options in advance.


If excess fatty tissue is the primary cause of your chest size, your plastic surgeon may use liposuction only. This minimally invasive procedure includes these steps:

  • Use a local anesthetic to numb the surgical sites
  • Make small incisions in the treatment area
  • Insert a thin hollow tube through the incisions
  • Loosen excess fat with the tube
  • Suction out the excess fat


Your plastic surgeon may recommend an excision technique if your breast reduction procedure requires removing glandular breast tissue or excess skin. Also, excision is needed if your doctor must reduce the area around your nipple or reposition your nipple. The location of your incisions depends on your case, the results you want, and your surgeon’s recommendations.

What Results Can You Expect?

After male breast reduction surgery, you can see the results immediately. However, you will wear elastic bandages or a compression vest for four to six weeks to control swelling, provide support, and promote skin retraction. It takes three to six months to heal and see the final improvements, including:

  • Masculine chest
  • Elimination of creases beneath breasts
  • Reduce puffy nipples

You may have visible scarring that will decrease over time, but your surgeon will minimize scarring as much as possible. The procedure results are usually permanent, but excessive weight gain, aging, or certain medications, including steroids, can increase your chest size.

When healing is complete, breast reduction improves your physical comfort, self-image, and confidence.

Are You Interested in Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The team at Denton Plastic Surgery can help you decide if gynecomastia surgery is right for you. After listening to your concerns and goals, Dr. Nicholas Flugstad or Dr. Joshua Rivet will discuss the options for improving your self-image and self-confidence. We welcome you to request a consultation today.