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Each year, plastic surgeons perform about 300,000 breast augmentation surgeries. Gummy bear implants, also known as form-stable breast implants, are round or teardrop shaped. The term “gummy bear” refers to the highly cohesive silicone gel inside the implant shell that holds its shape even if broken. But how do you know if form-stable implants are right for you?

Are Gummy Bear Implants Right for You?

Gummy bear implants may be right for you if you prefer breasts with more fullness at the bottom than the top or more firmness than saline-filled or traditional silicone implants. Originally, gummy bear implants were only teardrop shaped, but round cohesive-gel implants are now available. The firmness of form-stable implants and their reduced risk of wrinkling, rupturing, and leaking may appeal to you regardless of implant shape.

The Food and Drug Administration approves gummy bear and other silicone implants if you are 22 or older or have experienced surgery or trauma requiring breast reconstruction. We will discuss five factors that can help you decide whether gummy bear implants are right for you.


Your plastic surgeon will explain how your implant choice will achieve one of these levels of fullness in your breasts:

  • Minimal fullness – Minimal roundness at the top with bottom fullness
  • Moderate fullness – Slight roundness near the top with more bottom fullness
  • Enhanced fullness – Increased roundness at the top without a slope in your breasts
  • Maximum fullness – Full breasts with maximum top roundness


Breast implant projection refers to your side profile and how far your breasts extend from your chest wall. Implant volume is measured in cubic centimeters, not by bra cup size. During a consultation, a plastic surgeon will discuss the following:

  • Your preferences for breast projection and body profile
  • How implant volume will affect breast projection
  • Which implant sizes will complement your body type and profile


Unlike traditional silicone gel implants, you can choose the level of cohesiveness in gummy bear implants. Gummier implants are firmer and hold their shape longer. Here is what you can expect depending on the level of cohesiveness:

  • Soft – Natural feeling but greater risk of rippling
  • Medium – Moderate firmness with moderate risk of rippling
  • Firm – The most cohesive feel with little rippling risk

You can feel, squeeze, and hold each implant type for firmness during a consultation with a plastic surgeon.


Below are facts about gummy bear implant incisions:

  • Slightly longer than incisions for saline-filled and traditional silicone breast implants
  • Incision length increases with implant cohesiveness to enable insertion

Implant Shells

Implant outer shells are either smooth for more natural movement or textured to minimize movement.

  • Round implants – Smooth or textured
  • Teardrop implants – Textured only to prevent rotation

Textured shells have a higher risk of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, but the FDA considers them safe.

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