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Pregnancy and breastfeeding, significant weight loss, aging, and other factors can affect your breasts’ appearance and how you feel about them. Most women who choose breast augmentation want more volume, better symmetry, and natural-looking results. But you may have other reasons for considering the procedure. How can you benefit from breast augmentation? 

What Are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation? 

The benefits of breast augmentation are enhancing your breasts’ appearance, getting a better body profile, and improving your self-esteem. Consider seven ways the procedure can make you look and feel more appealing. 

Increases Size  

Breast augmentation with implants can increase the size of small breasts. One of our doctors will consider your goals, anatomy, and how to create natural-looking results before recommending implant sizes. Benefits of a larger breast size include: 

  • Complements your body type  
  • Improves how you look and feel in your clothing 
  • Increases your self-confidence 

Improves Shape 

Your aesthetic goals can help you decide whether to reshape your breasts for roundness or contour. Augmentation can improve shape by rounding your breasts or sloping them naturally. You will notice these improvements: 

  • Corrects sagging 
  • Gives you a curvier figure 
  • Helps you feel more attractive and feminine 

Adds Fullness 

You may choose an implant type to add fullness to your upper or lower breasts. Women with a long trunk or a considerable distance from the top of the breasts to the collar bone may choose to add upper fullness. Adding fullness has these benefits: 

  • Complements your body type 
  • Looks natural 
  • Perks up your breasts 

Improves Asymmetry  

If your breasts are of different sizes, shapes, or positions, augmentation can help bring balance to your upper chest. One of our doctors may select unique implant sizes and shapes for each breast to create a balanced look. Benefits of augmentation include: 

  • Firmness 
  • Symmetry 
  • Feeling less self-conscious and more self-confident 

Increases Projection 

Projection measures how much your breasts project forward from your chest while standing. Increasing breast projection can improve your side profile. One of our doctors will explain breast implant projection and your expected results. Projection types include: 

  • Low profile – preferred for broad chests 
  • Moderate profile – preferred for small or narrow chests 
  • High profile – preferred for petite women with a narrow chest wall 

Enhances Body Proportion 

When your breast size, shape, fullness, and projection improve, it enhances your body proportion. You will feel more comfortable and confident about your body image. One of our doctors will work with you to select breast implant size and shape for these results: 

  • Complements the width of your shoulders, chest, and hips 
  • Harmonizes with your height and weight 
  • Improves your overall shape 

Improves Your Self-Image and Self-Confidence 

Rejuvenating your breasts and restoring them to a more feminine and natural shape and position can help you feel more comfortable and confident about your body image. Breast augmentation may be an option for getting the results you want. 

Increase Your Comfort with a Breast Augmentation Consultation 

Denton Plastic Surgery welcomes you to request a breast augmentation consultation. We will help you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your appointment. One of our doctors will answer your questions and listen to your concerns. After performing a physical exam and taking measurements, Dr. Flugstad or Dr. Rivet will explain your treatment options. Contact us today for a consultation.