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Gynecomastia causes excess breast tissue to form in men, which can lead to the appearance of enlarged breasts. 

At Denton Plastic Surgery, our doctors perform male breast reduction surgery to treat gynecomastia by removing this extraneous tissue. While your surgeon will give you more specific instructions, these common post-operative instructions can give you an idea of what you can expect as you recover from gynecomastia surgery.

Garments and Dressings

Immediately after your procedure, you will wear several dressings, bandages, and compression garments. Your dressings and bandages will help prevent infection and allow your incision sites to heal properly. Compression garments prevent fluid buildup around your chest, which will be healing for at least two weeks after surgery. These garments also help your skin adjust to your new chest shape to minimize looseness. 

Your surgeon at Denton Plastic Surgery will instruct you on how to properly clean, change, and care for each of your dressings and bandages after surgery. 

Plastic Drain

There is a small chance that your surgeon may insert a plastic tube underneath your skin to drain extra fluids that can build up after surgery. If a drain is used, it will be removed when the drain output is low enough to demonstrate the risk of fluid accumulation in the absence of the drain is very low.  

Medications for Discomfort

To manage any post-operative discomfort that you may feel, your surgeon will prescribe you medications. Some of your post-operative medications also prevent infection, so it is essential that you take them as directed. 

You should let your surgeon know if you have any allergies to medications or certain ingredients. They can give you a different prescription, so you can still manage discomfort and prevent infection after surgery. 

Follow-Up Visits

You will visit your surgeon early after your surgery for a follow-up appointment and then intermittently as your body accommodates to your postoperative shape. These appointments help ensure a successful recovery from your surgery. 

If you have any questions or concerns after your surgery, your surgeon will address them during these post-operative visits. You will want to adjust your schedule to accommodate your follow-up appointments!

Shrink Your Breasts with Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male breast reduction can improve your quality of life and satisfaction with your aesthetic. If you have gynecomastia, this procedure may be the best solution to look more masculine. Additionally, Denton Plastic Surgery’s procedures for men minimize scarring and invasive techniques. 

View our gallery featuring photos before and after treatment to learn more about the results you can achieve with this procedure.