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Not all cosmetic enhancements require surgery. There are many non-surgical options at Denton Plastic Surgery to correct what you may perceive as imperfections or simply features that you want to change. Dermal fillers and injectables have evolved over the years, allowing plastic surgeons to provide more precise and natural-looking results. You can refresh your appearance without looking overly corrected.

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, define your facial structure, and achieve greater balance and symmetry for more appealing aesthetics. What defines beauty is personal to everyone, but you can take steps to look and feel more youthful at any age.


Neuromodulators derived from neurotoxins (like Xeomin®) relax facial muscles and prevent them from contracting. The result is smoothed wrinkles, creases with a reduced appearance, and a more youthful appearance. These products can also be used to gently lift the brow and provide a more open, brighter eye.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can be used to plump and refresh skin. Reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, nose, mouth, jawline, and forehead with these injectables. Achieve fuller lips and youthful, lifted cheeks or smooth out deep creases under the eyes and around the mouth with dermal fillers.


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