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Your eyes have a prominent role in your facial appearance and expression. But drooping upper eyelids or puffy lower lids can detract from your features and create unwanted facial expressions. However, an eyelid lift can enhance your eyes, improve your self-confidence, and help you look refreshed and more youthful. How Does an Eyelid Lift Help You Look Younger? 

An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, helps you look younger because it focuses on improving the primary tissues of the eyelid, including fat, muscle, and skin. Our doctors perform the procedure on the upper or lower eyelid—or both—to improve these concerns: 

  • Heavy, hooded, or droopy upper eyelids 
  • Puffy or baggy lower lids 
  • Wrinkled lower lids 
  • Lower lid looseness 
  • Dark circles or shadows beneath lower lids 

1. Lightens Heavy or Droopy Upper Eyelids 

If you are concerned about your upper eyelids and want to reduce their hooded, droopy appearance, an eyelid lift can help. It addresses the aspects of your eyelids that make your eyes look small or sleepy. One of our doctors will remove precise amounts of excess skin and muscle and fat that bulges below the muscle during an upper eyelid lift. The procedure enhances your eyes and eyelids in these ways: 

  • Contours your eyelids 
  • Makes your eyes look more open 
  • Helps you look refreshed 

In some cases, upper lids hang excessively and interfere with your visual field. Lifting the upper eyelid can improve vision. 

2. Smooths Puffy or Baggy Lower Lids 

Puffy or baggy lower eyelids can contribute to facial expressions of exhaustion, illness, or sadness when you do not feel that way. Lower eyelid skin thins as we age and can easily sag, wrinkle, or bulge. However, a lower eyelid lift smooths the lids by removing excess skin, decreasing or repositioning fat, and removing underlying muscle tissue as needed. You will notice these improvements: 

  • Lower lid contour 
  • Smoother lower eyelids 
  • Tighter, younger-looking skin beneath your eyes 

3. Tightens Lower Eyelid Looseness 

Lower eyelid looseness, or laxity, pulls your skin and lids away from your eyes. Looseness is often associated with aging. One of our doctors will lift and tighten the skin to resolve looseness during an eyelid procedure. The relief you will experience includes: 

  • Improves eye redness 
  • Reduces eye irritation 
  • Decreases tearing 
  • Helps eyes and skin look younger 

4. Lightens Dark Circles or Shadows 

The tear trough is the area of your lower eyelid from the corner of your eye toward your cheekbone. When the area is sunken or forms dark circles around your eyes, it can make you look tired or older. But one of our doctors can reposition fat or add volume to the area and achieve these results: 

  • Fade dark circles 
  • Make your skin look tighter, thicker, and more youthful 
  • Help your eyes look brighter 

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