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When chronic and non-healing wounds linger, accurately defining their causes is vital to achieving the goal of speedy and predictable healing. Denton Plastic Surgery can recommend precise treatment and care for a wound. If surgery is recommended, we excel in the full spectrum of solutions for aesthetic reconstruction.

Finding the right treatment

Although all surgeons can simply close wounds, Dr. Flugstad and his team bring the specialized skills of plastic surgery to bear on restoring the health of the afflicted area, while improving it visually.

Dr. Flugstad’s experience and advanced techniques can significantly improve healing time, reduce the risk of chronic reoccurrence, and limit scarring. This is particularly true when dealing with large or jagged wounds or those that lack enough adjacent skin to be covered without a graft.

It is important to stress that every wound is unique. No two wounds occurred in identical ways and no two bodies react in the same way when attempting to heal. Your wound deserves specialized attention and Denton Plastic Surgery is ready to help you with this critical matter.

Types of treatable wounds

Most non-healing wounds, regardless of underlying health causes or issues, can be simply resolved. Identifying risk factors in life and environment that delay or stop the healing process is key to this outcome. Once your issue is identified by Dr. Flugstad, you may be referred to a local wound center network where they will work with the doctor to develop a treatment plan that meets your individual needs.

Wound Care & Reconstruction Texas

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis is a painful skin condition that occurs in many individuals. It causes lumps, breakouts, and sometimes infections of the skin. The most common areas affected are the armpits (axilla) and the groin areas. Hidradenitis can be a very disabling and troubling problem. Minor cases can often be treated by a dermatologist to minimize symptoms. More severe cases of hidradenitis can require removal of the affected skin and reconstruction of the area. At Denton Plastic Surgery, we have significant experience with treating hidradenitis.

Pilonidal Cyst Disease

Pilonidal Cyst is a disease with causes that are unclear. The pilonidal cyst often first appears around the time of puberty. It can start as a small opening in the skin near the tailbone, at the top of the gluteal cleft. It can form a painful, chronic wound that is difficult to care for, and very troubling. Keeping the area clean, losing weight, and avoiding prolonged sitting can help the symptoms. The pilonidal cyst can be improved or often cured by surgical removal of the cyst, and reconstruction of the area with the surrounding soft tissues. For those that have had chronic problems with pilonidal cyst disease, surgery may be a very good solution.


Your wound may heal completely, requiring no further attention. This is always our highest goal. However, if some degree of reconstruction is desired, Dr. Flugstad is renown in his field for achieving natural results – often better than before the wound was received.

A multidisciplinary approach

Denton Plastic Surgery is Denton Texas’s premier center for advanced cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Flugstad is well-regarded as a leading surgeon in the Northwest not only for the way he can transform areas once flawed by wounds, but for the compassion that drives him to do what’s best for your specific issue.

To achieve this, Dr. Flugstad has become fluent in the most advanced and workable procedures and wound care network practices. Skin therapy medicine is experiencing a rapid evolution of best-practice discoveries. Consulting with Denton Plastic Surgery is your assurance that you will get the very best care.

Wound Care & Reconstruction Texas

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