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Denton Plastic Surgery is the premier center for lesion removal and scar revision in Texas. Although our center is equipped to take on issues of any magnitude, no case is too small. Dr. Flugstad is well established as one of the Northwest’s most talented surgeons in scar revision, consistently achieving natural-looking results for scars of any size.

Should you consider a scar revision in Denton?

Everyone heals differently and the quality of skin is unique to them. Beautiful skin can be firm and have an underlying thickness or it may be thin and soft.

Each type of skin responds in a unique way in developing scars from trauma or surgery and each patient has his or her own underlying health concerns which can affect healing.

If you are thinking of a scar revision in Texas, the scar is likely in a visible area that bothers you. Your first step is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Flugstad and discuss your concerns.

How long does it take for a scar to become less visible?

After an injury or surgery, and assuming proper healing practices have been administered, your body gets to work healing the area. Natural healing normally optimizes outcome for your health but often does not lead to a superior cosmetic result. Your body sees nothing wrong with a scar. It has gone to work to create a double-strong patch in an area that has suffered trauma.

Scar Revision Denton

While scars are maturing, we often recommend interventions such as topical creams, silicone sheets, or occasionally scar injections to help optimize the final scar.

The scar healing takes about a year to fully complete. After that time, you can judge if a scar revision in Denton will improve your looks.

As the healing progresses it will go through stages:

  • Red, puffy, and sensitive.
  • Slowly tighten and thin.
  • Lighter in color.
  • Relax and take on a more subtle color.

What are the basic types of scar revision procedures?

Not only is everyone different, but scars themselves differ and their location on the body can make a big difference in which procedure will be most efficient.

For some scars of lesser severity, topical treatments may provide the results you are looking for. These treatments can be used in three ways: during the original surgery, by themselves for existing (older) scars, or in combination with Texas scar revision surgery. They help assist wound closure and healing and to block the skin’s attempt to produce darker pigmentation in and around the scar. The aftercare for any scar revision procedure is important. We will help you with that process, and instruct you how to care for your scar.

Skin Lesion Removal

There are many ways to remove skin lesions successfully for a fresh and unblemished look. Often a procedure can be performed during an office visit using only a local anesthetic or numbing agent. If you have a mole or other lesion you’d like removed, or diagnosed, contact our office for a consultation.

Texas Scar Revision

Your appearance matters to us.

There is no vanity in wanting to look your best. Personal aesthetics is a message that underscores who you are and also your regard for others. This is why Dr. Flugstad is passionate about achieving the finest natural results that improve your overall quality of life. His dedication has spread to his entire team. His professionalism is backed with board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and Fellowship training in aesthetic surgery. You owe it to yourself to meet with Dr. Flugstad about scar revision in Denton.

Scar Revision Texas

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