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Earlobe repair surgery is performed to correct a range of issues affecting the earlobes, including torn piercings, stretched earlobes, overlarge earlobes, or asymmetrical earlobes. The surgery involves removing any damaged tissue and carefully suturing the earlobes, so they are aesthetically pleasing in appearance.

Stretched or torn piercings

One of the most common long-term issues people with piercings experience is stretched or torn piercings. A piercing may once have appeared to be just a tiny hole through which you could place your earrings, but over time, particularly if you consistently wear heavier earrings, can become elongated. Earlobe piercings can also be ripped, whether by children or being caught on clothing, leaving an unsightly look. With a custom earlobe repair, these issues can be fully resolved. Once the minor surgery has healed, your ears can be re-pierced.

Why choose Dr. Flugstad for earlobe repair?

While earlobe repair is a simple surgery, that does not mean it can’t go wrong. When selecting a plastic surgeon to perform the surgery, you need to be confident that it will be performed with meticulous care and attention to detail, as you want to achieve a symmetrical, natural look. Too much cartilage removed, or too little, could lead to less attractive results.

Dr. Flugstad is widely regarded as being among the finest plastic surgeons practicing in the Texas area, and whether you need earlobe repair or a more complex surgery, you can be confident that the most stringent patient safety protocols will be employed, and great precision and care when performing surgery. The goal is to create earlobes that show no sign of earlier damage, whether a tear or stretched area.

Ear Lobe Repair Texas

What is earlobe repair like?

In most cases, this can be easily repaired using local anesthesia, restoring your ear’s appearance and the ability to wear earrings.

It is performed in-office and is not a long or particularly painful procedure. It involves the removal of a small portion of the earlobe cartilage and then stitching the earlobe together, so it is once again attractive in appearance.

You can expect about one hour to treat stretched or torn earlobes, after which you can return home, with no need for another person to transport you.

Who is a candidate for earlobe repair?

To be a good candidate for this minor surgical repair, you should:

  • Be in good general health
  • Have a torn earlobe
  • Have stretched piercings
  • Have uneven or overlarge earlobes you want reshaped
  • Understand what to expect in surgery and recovery

Give us a call to discuss ear lobe repair options in Denton, Texas.


Can the results of gauged earrings be repaired?

Yes. If you had larger “plugs” and no longer want this look, it can be repaired with a surgery to remove the large hole and create a natural, rounded earlobe. If you wish to have gauged ears repaired, we recommend that you remove any gauges as soon as possible, before your consultation.

Can I get my ears re-pierced after repairing a torn or stretched earlobe? I want the piercing to be in the same location.

Your ears can be re-pierced in a similar location, but you must wait until the area has fully healed, generally about six weeks after earlobe repair. If your earlobes were stretched, you could consider wearing only lighter earrings to maintain the repair for a longer period.

Ear Lobe Repair Texas

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