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Men are choosing to undergo plastic surgery or non-surgical enhancements in ever-growing numbers. While women and men have similar concerns about plastic surgery, treatments for men have some important differences, particularly in facial surgery. Dr. Flugstad is recognized as being one of the most talented male plastic surgeons practicing in the Texas area.

Plastic surgery for men: Our procedures

The men who come to Denton Plastic Surgery in Denton have specific demands – most commonly, that the outcome of surgery must appear completely natural. Dr. Flugstad is known for his exceptional skills and meticulous surgical techniques, all of which add up to the perfect combination for male patients seeking enhancement. The procedures most commonly performed on men include:

Gynecomastia Texas

Tummy tuck

The male body tends to store fat on the midsection. A bulging tummy can be restored to a taut, trim, youthful look with a custom abdominoplasty.

If you are one of the many men who is tired of trying to hide a bulging abdomen, we invite you to meet with us at our private, luxury clinic where you can expect discretion and superior results in abdominal surgery.

Male Liposuction in Texas

Men can be plagued by excess fat on various body areas, including:

  • Tummy
  • Thighs
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Male breasts

A custom Texas male liposuction procedure can restore a trimmer, more athletic looking body.

Gynecomastia in Texas

If you have inherited an excess of breast tissue, or developed it over the years, it is a feature that can be resolved with male breast reduction in Texas. While some younger men with good skin quality may only require liposuction, others may require a surgical removal of excess fat and skin, or glandular tissue. We employ only the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques to give your chest the desired improvement. Minimizing visible scarring is of the utmost importance in this surgery. Dr. Flugstad can help you have a trim, masculine upper chest with this surgery – it is life-changing.

Male Liposuction Texas

Facelift for men

You may be unhappy with your facial appearance, with your face now showing the signs of age with sagging skin, a heavy overhanging brow, wrinkles, creases, lines, jowls, and a sagging jawline. A facelift is a custom procedure that must be performed by a highly-talented plastic surgeon, so the results look refreshed and natural, not pulled, tight, or “worked-on.” Dr. Flugstad excels in treating the male face with a conservative approach that can take years off your look.

Ear surgery

If you were born with protruding or overlarge ears, you may be ready to change your look. A custom ear surgery can reduce the size of overlarge ears, restore them to a more attractive alignment so they are no prominent, or correct earlobe issues left from trauma or piercings.

Eyelid surgery

As the years pass, the eyelid skin can begin to droop and wrinkle. In some cases, the excess skin is so extreme that it affects vision, while in other cases, it is an aesthetic concern. For a more open, refreshed look, a male eyelid surgery can be performed.

The areas treated may be top lid, bottom lid or both. Issues such as dark bags beneath the eyes add years to your look and can be resolved.

Many men have concerns about how they will look after this surgery – they may have seen a poorly-performed outcome on a celebrity or colleague. You have no worries when working with Dr. Flugstad, as he takes a very conservative approach to this surgery. It could not be more important, as even a millimeter of error can produce a less-than-satisfactory outcome. Dr. Flugstad is very sensitive to the needs of male patients.

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Non-surgical treatments for men in Texas


For facial smoothing and rejuvenation, many men achieve results they appreciate with our custom injections. Whether with BOTOX or dermal fillers to smooth lines and creases, the ultimate goal is a more youthful, open, and approachable look – never overfilled or frozen. Our injectable treatments may include one or more of the following products:

  • Dysport
  • Kybella (non-surgical double chin removal)
  • Dermal fillers
Male Breast Reduction Texas

Why choose Dr. Flugstad for male plastic surgery?

Dr. Flugstad is a leading professional in his field of practice, with a deep understanding of what concerns men, along with the differences in male facial structure. He is fellowship trained in aesthetic surgery – but what does that mean to you?

Fellowship training is a specialized type of medical residency. The extent of experience and knowledge achieved through this model is far more extensive than what many surgeons offer. The advantage for men include:

  • High level surgical skills. As male plastic surgery combines both surgical technique and artistry, it is to your benefit to undergo your procedure under the care of a fellowship-trained surgeon.
  • Specialized training. Many people do not understand that a “cosmetic surgeon” may not be specialty trained and certified. Even an MD can perform cosmetic surgeries, whereas a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon has undergone many added years of education and practice. Dr. Flugstad has dedicated his professional life to achieving superior results, and is board-certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Is it possible to have a facelift that looks natural?

Yes. The outcome of a facelift for men will be largely the direct result of the skills of your plastic surgeon. A pulled, tight or “windswept” look is unpleasant, and appears unnatural and unbalanced. To achieve superior results requires repositioning the underlying facial muscles and tissue – not just removing excess skin and fat! If you want natural-looking results, only a top-rated, board-certified plastic surgeon should be involved.

What will BOTOX do for me?

Men are coming to Dr. Flugstad in every-increasing numbers for BOTOX treatments. Why? This product, when injected correctly and in the right quantity can keep you looking younger for far, far longer. BOTOX injections can smooth deep brow lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. To maintain the youthful look will require repeat treatments about every three to four months.

Cosmetic Procedures for Men In Texas

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