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A buttocks lift is a procedure to correct sagging skin, fat and tissue on the buttocks, and create a firm, rounded, youthful look. This is a custom surgery and requires advanced techniques to remove excess skin, reshape existing tissue and fat, and lift the area to create a more alluring figure.

Should I have a butt lift?

With butt augmentation in Denton, the following body problems can be resolved:

  • Excess skin on the buttocks and back of thighs can be removed. Saggy, loose skin, fat, and tissue is tightened and firmed.
  • Sagging or loose flesh on the buttocks, due to age, gravity, or weight fluctuations is corrected.

A buttocks lift does not add volume to the buttocks. However, a buttock lift can be combined with an augmentation procedure to create a more attractive derrière, either with silicone implants or with natural fat transfer (a Brazilian butt lift).

Butt Lift Denton

Buttock Augmentation with implants

Some patients want more volume and projection for their buttocks. For those without enough excess body fat to harvest and use in a natural fat transfer, a Denton butt augmentation with implants can be performed. An inconspicuous incision is placed in the gluteal cleft. Industry standard, FDA-approved silicone polymer implants are used to enhance butt size.

This procedure has a recovery of a few weeks and requires minimal sitting during healing. The results of this procedure can be remarkably attractive, and similar to autologous buttocks enhancement (Brazilian butt lift), or purse-string gluteoplasty, and is an ideal solution for certain patients.

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Why choose Dr. Flugstad for my Denton butt lift?

Beyond being a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Flugstad has vast experience in performing custom body contouring procedures, including custom butt lifts in Denton. He has received many accolades, such as being listed as a RealSelf Hall of Fame Doctor, and a Texas Met Top Doc 2019. Dr. Flugstad is deeply committed to achieving superior results in every procedure he performs.


I lost a lot of weight over the last year, but my backside looks saggy, and still heavy; can you help me?

Dr. Flugstad specializes in post-weight loss surgery. If you have maintained your new weight within a few pounds, for six months to a year, and are in reasonably good health, we can create a smooth and naturally-shaped derrière with a buttocks lift based upon your personal needs and desires, with or without augmentation. Congratulations on your successful weight loss!

How long does the surgery take, and will I be unconscious for it?

Our Plano butt augmentation surgery takes approximately two to five hours, and though it is done on an outpatient basis, you will be under general anesthesia. This is the safest type of anesthesia for buttock procedures.

After the implants will my behind look and feel natural?

Yes. We know this is so important to you. You will find, after the healing process, that your bottom will be firm and naturally smooth and look lovely with the added projection and fullness.

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